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Kinta Press & Packaging:

Behind The Printing Press

More than 30 years ago, we started our premium packaging journey with the same ideals we hold on to today.


Our principles may not have changed through the years, but aided by our year-on-year growth, our technical expertise and technological advancements have taken large strides.

Kinta Press Print and Packaging

Today, we provide revolutionary award-winning solutions about customised folding cartons, functional display cartons and trendy rigid hardcover packaging with over one hundred choices of materials & unique finishings. These ideas and designs are then skillfully transformed into finished packages. Stunning, precise and perfect enough to be your brand ambassador.


We are able to achieve this because at the heart of our operations is a 300-strong workforce, who utilise their expertise in our vast 350,000 sq.ft production facility in Ipoh, Perak. This secure private location houses our production lines and advanced packaging solutions. Simply put, this is where the magic happens.

To ensure that our final product exceeds your expectations, we also employ A.I technology in several areas. This includes ultra-precise colour management, predictive maintenance for packaging longevity and securitised production.


Our supply chain and management team will take it upon themselves to ensure that your delivery of premium packages arrive safe and sound at your doorstep, anywhere in the world.


Last but not least, we are committed to the ‘Earth Comes First’ philosophy here at Kinta Press & Packaging. We are constantly working towards a more environmentally-friendly community by minimising the use of chemicals or non-recyclable materials, and opting for sustainable alternatives.


Through the years, we have offered our technical expertise, proprietary knowledge, seamless professional service by our customer-oriented staff and advanced technology. If you are willing to trust us with your brand, we will make it our priority to treat it like our own and make it shine brighter than ever.

Print and Packaging Malaysia
Kinta Press Print and Packaging Malaysia
Kinta Press Print and Packaging Malaysia


Asian Print Awards 2018 - Gold (Embellishment)
Malaysia Print Awards 2017 - Winner (Advertising & Promotion: Leaflet/Brochure/Catalogue)
Malaysia Print Awards 2017 - Best Of The Best (Advertising & Promotion)
sian Print Awards 2012 - Silver (Self-Promotion)
sian Print Awards 2011 - Silver (Self-Promotion)

Award winning packaging supplier
Kinta Press printing and packaging Malaysia
Kinta Press Packaging the Silver asian print awards
Kinta Press award winner for advertising and promotion
Kinta Press Malaysia an award winning company
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