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Our Technology

From concept creation to delivery, our entire process is aided by advanced technology in the forms of machinery. Our ideas may start on paper as a scrawled sketch in a lightbulb moment, but to create the final product to our high standards is another story.

To offer you the peace-of-mind of knowing the process your products’ packaging goes through, let’s go on this brief but significant journey together. Once the design has been confirmed, the printing can commence.

We achieve this with an array of top-of-the-range printers including our UV Lithography Presses, that use Japanese technology capable of printing multiple colours with one pass. These technological advancements allow us to achieve brilliant colours in a highly efficient way.

The printers that line our spotless factory in Ipoh, Malaysia include:


Komori Lithrone Series

UV Offset Printing (6-Colour, 7-Colour & 8-Colour)


Fujifilm and Epson

Digital UV Presses



Silk Screen Printing



Flexo UV Printing

By selecting the most advanced printers to cater for a variety of needs, we can ensure that the final print is as close to the desired result as possible. With our stringent maintenance routines and careful usage protocols in place, we are able to build confidence in the resulting print.

Once the printing is completed, we can proceed to post-press to apply the necessary finishes. With the help of A.I technology, our array of machinery and in-house tooling facilities can achieve some of our most stunning finishing effects like:

Emboss     Sandblast     3D Lens     3D Plating     Soft Touch    Pearlescent

It is at this stage of the production cycle that your packaging ventures through our fine touch finishing and last but not least - our perfectly precise Inspection Machine that checks for the slightest flaws.

Before your order is completed, it undergoes several more tests and checks in our state-of-the-art Testing Facility. At this stage, it is about quadruple-checking the final product, testing it for longevity and ensuring its durability. To explain the various tests that take place here, this table should help.



Densitometer & Spectroeye (Printing)

To check colour consistency control and dot gain

Sutherland Ink Rub Tester

To gauge the ink rub resistance of printed materials

Tribometer (Varnish Coat)

To measure the friction coefficient with friction checks

Gloss Checker (Varnish Coat)

To gauge the glossiness of all glossy surfaces accurately

Tape Test (Coat/Lamination)

To measure the adhesion strength of films

Caliber/Digital Micrometer (Material)

To measure the precise thickness of paper used

6.4cm Concrete Slab & Iron Plate

To evaluate carton material strength for longevity and durability in transit

Once these processes are complete, your order will be carefully prepared and packed for delivery - in pristine condition as intended. Although ideas are created in our minds, making them a reality can be tricky. Thanks to the advanced technology at our disposal however, we are able to produce premium packaging fit to be your brand’s ambassador.

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